gaura pink butterfly

A North American wild flower, highly valued for its long flower display in the garden. Excellent in containers, and for cutting. Tough but delicate and incredibly pretty, Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies' features tall, airy-looking flowers dancing and dangling along thin stems. Wonderful choice for bringing in the bees and butterflies. The gaura plant is an attractive shrub that is native to Mexico and Texas. It is native to North America. Also useful cut flower and attracts butterflies. Plants must have excellent drainage to survive the winter. Hello Hello! Gaura was a genus of about 20 species in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae), but as a common name generally refers to Gaura lindheimeri. Background planting, flower borders, color, general garden planting, Stay Updated: Subscribe to our Garden Newsletter, Hello Hello, dear gardening friends! 3568. Select Store. December officially marks the start of summer here in […], Potted Christmas Trees are in store Now! If you prefer the look, feel, and […], Copyright 2020 - eRegal Design. Gaura lindheimeri “Butterfly Bush” Butterfly Bush is a bushy, hardy perennial shrub with long graceful stems that bloom with pale pink flowers in spring-summer. Plants bloom for many weeks, with loose sprays of white flowers tinged with pale pink. Gardeners enjoy the tall, lanky flower stems that are lined with white to pink, five-petaled blossoms that attract bees and butterflies. As the flowers bob in the wind, they remind you of butterflies. Its pink flowers look like butterflies, for one thing. Often called the ‘Whirling white butterfly bush’, Gaura lindheimeri has white flowers with a pink tinge in spring to summer, and the flowers of this clump forming perennial do indeed resemble butterflies in the breeze. The perennial plant is native to southern Louisiana and Texas. Gaura is commonly grown as an ornamental plant. Available in Stores-Qty + Add to Cart. It is a very pretty plant and can add to the beauty of any garden. From late spring until first frost, they produce 8"-24" spikes of flowers standing above the foliage. Foliage is green with reddish hues. Produces long dainty flower spikes covered in small pink flowers during the warmer months. Buy online or visit our Ascot Vale nursery. Gaura lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink' SKU. Plants, trees, shrubs, seedlings and more, at wholesale prices. Butterfly Bush is a bushy, hardy perennial shrub with long graceful stems that bloom with pale pink flowers in spring-summer. Cultivation. This North American wildflower adds an interesting fine texture in the garden with its flowers dancing and dangling above the red-tinged foliage. $15.99. Oenothera lindheimeri - Butterfly bush. Prefers moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil in full sun but dry soils and partial shade are tolerated. Another reason is its habit; with its low foliage and taller wands of flowers, this perennial is best grown in swaths or mixed in among other garden plants, among which its wands can thread and mingle. Gaura lindheimeri, commonly called gaura, is a herbaceous clump-forming perennial that is native to Texas and Louisiana. Gaura ‘Siskiyou Pink’ One of the most fashionable plants to have in your garden at the moment is gaura (Gaura lindheimeri) also called White Butterfly Bush. It is a genus of 20 species that is a part of the primrose family, also known as Onagraceae.Along with its scientific name of Gaura lindheimeri, it is also known as apple-blossom grass, wand flower, bee-blossom or white gaura. $13.85. The 1" flowers are white when they open at dawn and fade to rose-pink as the sun sets. If the name gaura doesn't roll off the tongue, it helps to remember the Greek origin of the word gauros, which means superb.Also known as wandflower, whirling butterfly, and bee blossom, Gaura lindheimeri can range from 15 inches to four feet tall, but most new cultivars are bred to be compact and container-friendly. USDA Zones— 5 – 10. The name of a popular variety, Whirling Butterflies, perfectly describes the way the plant resembles a cloud of butterflies when swaying in the breeze. More information is available at Package of 30,000 Seeds, Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Mixture (100% Pure Live Seed) Non-GMO Seeds by Seed Needs 4.2 out of 5 stars 2,364. Here at Heritage Perennials, we'll continue to list it under it’s more commonly familiar Latin name for now. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 Valleybrook International Ventures Inc. Alphabetical list of all 4,000+ perennials here. The pretty white flowers resemble the wings of a butterfly. Gaura Belleza Dark Pink. Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterfly’ forms a mat of soft, grey-green foliage that contrasts beautifully with its delicate star-shaped, white-pink flowers. Difficulty— Easy. These stems grow up to 1m long, but can be clipped back shorter, and sway gracefully in the breeze. Although commonly pronounced gow-ra, it is more correctly called gore-ra. It grows to as much as 5' tall on stems clad with spoon-shaped to lanceolate leaves (to 3" long). It has a delicate but wild, slightly unkempt look that suits natural style plantings. Masses of sprays of beautiful white flowers opening from pink buds along the stems are borne from spring to autumn, Full sun in light well-drained soil, cut back hard after flowering. Plants bloom for many weeks, with loose sprays of deep pink flowers. 3796. When tougher perennials come up in conversation, we seldom mention the delicate-looking Gaura Lindheimeri , yet this attractive native of North America easily survives both extreme cold and short periods of drought.

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