Best Plant Light Meters

Are you loooking for Best Plant Light Meters? If your answer is yes, then you’re in right place. Here, we listed Best Plant Light Meters after a lots of research. In case, if you’re in hurry this is the Best Plant Light Meters on Amazon

We spent 42 hours to find a best option for you and it’s a BTMETER BT-881D Digital Illuminance, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Plant Light Meters available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Plant Light Meters, then you should go with Extech LT40 LED Light which comes with all the basic options you could ever expect in Plant Light Meters.

After a good research, we have sort listed Best Plant Light Meters below.

Top 10 Best Plant Light Meters In 2021

1 1

BTMETER BT-881D Digital Illuminance

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2 2

Extech LT40 LED Light

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3 3

Kensizer Soil Tester 3-in-1

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4 4

Soil pH Meter 3-in-1

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5 5

Veroyi Soil pH Meter

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6 6

Soil PH Meter Dr.meter

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7 7

yoyomax Soil Test Kit

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8 8

VIVOSUN Soil Tester 3-in-1

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9 9

Covery 3 in 1

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10 10

Luster Leaf 1830 Rapitest

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Top 10 Plant Light Meters

Are you looking for top 10 Plant Light Meters available right now in the market? Then check out below, we researched and short listed best one here.

1. BTMETER BT-881D Digital Illuminance

Digital LUX Meter – BTMETER BT-881D Light Meter Test Illuminance 0.


  • ☀【0.4 SECOND RESPONSE】2~3 times sampling per second, Instantly to measure out how much lights you’re getting
  • ☀【WIDE MEASURE RANGE】 This light meter can measure luminance at 0.01~400,000 Lumens, (0.01~40,000 Foot Candles), Which is much wider than the others. Resolution 0.01
  • ☀【EASY TO USE】The light sensor can be rotated 270º, so you don’t need to turn around the light meter to measure lights from different angles. Just rotate the sensor, and you can still read the measure at front
  • ☀【MEMORIZE THE LIGHT READINGS】This Lux Meter can help you record 33 sets of readings,Temp Testing, The RELATIVE measuring mode will show you the difference between current / recorded data. Ideal par meter for LED grow lights,garden, plants, school, office, state, LED lights, indoor and outdoor
  • 2. Extech LT40 LED Light

    Extech Basic Accuracy 40-40,000 FC LED Light Meter.


  • For White and Color LEDs
  • Lux or Foot Candle units
  • 3. Kensizer Soil Tester 3-in-1


  • Double-Probe Detection — quick and easy to insert into the soil and get you more accurate data.
  • No Battery Required — plug and play, save you from changing the battery.
  • Lightweight and Portable — ideal soil test tool for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Quality Assurance — Any quality issues, please feel free to contact us.
  • 4. Soil pH Meter 3-in-1

    Features: ♥LIGHT TEST: Help you to determine if plant getting adequate light.


  • ❥❥ Indoor Outdoor Soil Tester: Lightweight and portable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, ideal soil test tool kit for home, garden, lawn and farm, help you become an excellent garden master.
  • ❥❥ Extremely Accurate Readings: Premium double-needle detection technology enhances the accuracy of detecting and analyzing soil moisture and pH acidity. The large display makes reading clearer and more convenient.
  • ❥❥ Easy to use: Just stick the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches, adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly and wait about 10 minutes for a much more accurate and stable reading.
  • ❥❥ Important Tips: Do not force it into very hard soil or touch hard objects since the probe would be easily damaged. Do not use it to test pure water or other liquids. It can only be used to measure soil.
  • 5. Veroyi Soil pH Meter


  • SIMPLE TO USE: No batteries or power supply required, just plug the probe into plant soil about 3-5 inches, toggle the button to switch to Moisture, Light or pH position, and then wait about 10 minutes for a much more accurate and stable reading.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR&OUTDOOR USE: Ideal soil test kits little gardening tools for garden, lawn, farm plants, lightweight compact design makes it perfect for indoor&outdoor use.
  • PLANT CARE ASSISTANT: Double-needle Detection Technology strongly enhances the speed and accuracy of detecting and analyzing soil moisture and pH acidity, Easy & accurately to read moisture, pH and light levels. It is a great plant assistant for new gardeners.
  • KINDLY REMINDER: This soil pH tester can’t be directly used it to test pH values for water liquids, ONLY use to test the soil pH level; Please do not use it to test strong acidic&alkaline types of soil since it may not work, the default pH value of this soil tester is set at somewhere between 7 and 8 (since soil pH often is close to neutral state)
  • 6. Soil PH Meter Dr.meter


  • ▶ 【High accuracy and Rapid respond】there are three calibration tables, you can respectively get the accurate value immediately
  • ▶ 【No Battery Needed】Environmentally friendly because it needn’t any battery or electricity. Just plug in the probe to your object
  • ▶ 【Compact and portable】it is convenient to use it indoor, outdoor or in your greenhouse
  • ▶ 【Promote Healthy plants】 it ensures and maintains the health and quality of your greenery. By using it, you can know when to water, control PH level and whether the plant getting adequate sunlight
  • 7. yoyomax Soil Test Kit


  • 3 in 1 design (Moisture/pH/Light Tester) provides you a comprehensive idea about the soil condition of your garden and lawn. With a quick check, you can tell if you need to adjust the plant food/water and if your plants get enough sunlight.
  • No batteries or electricity needed, ready to use out of box. Plug and read, making gardening easier than ever.
  • Compact and portable for indoor/outdoor use. A necessity for anyone who gardens or has houseplants, it will come in handy whenever you grow an interest in gardening.
  • [24 Hours Online] You can contact our 24 hours customer service through clicking “Sold by” on the product detail page or your Amazon order page and you will be directed to “Ask a question” to send us message.
  • 8. VIVOSUN Soil Tester 3-in-1


  • Let you know your soil when to water, control pH level, determine if plant getting adequate light
  • Moisture Range:1-10(dry to moist);Light range: 0-2000(low light to strong light); pH range: 3.5-8 (acidic to 8 basic)
  • Compact and portable design for indoor/outdoor use good for gardener or planter
  • Durable and easy to use, plug and read,no battery needed
  • 9. Covery 3 in 1

    Functions: Measure soil MOISTURE, PH and LIGHT levelsEasy to use: No Battery needed, Plug and readScientifically accurate: keep your plants in a healthy rangeHow to use: Simply insert the probes into the soil, and you’ll get your readingIdeal tool for indoor/outdoor plants, help your plants grow healthy and strongSpecifications:pH Range: 3.


  • ??? FUNCTIONs — 1,Measures moisture content of soil to lets you know when to water 2, Helps you determine if plant is getting adequate light 3, Helps you control PH level in soil, acidic or alkaline is suitable for your plants, You will never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or Extreme alkalinity soil
  • ???HOW TO USE — No batteries needed, Indoor or outdoor use. Simply insert the probes into the soil about 4 inches, and you’ll get your reading Ideal tool for indoor/outdoor plants, help your plants grow healthy and strong.Please tester into the soil before the soil is moistened with water, 10 cm above the probe to be inserted, the most accurate measured
  • ??? NOTICE — Due to small package, we only give a part of the plant reference, some plants aren’t on it, please go to the professional website to get.
  • ???IMPORTANT TIPs –1, Do not touch the stone or hard rock soil, if the soil is too hard and dry, easy to damage the probes. 2. Design for testing soil ONLY. 3. After using, need to clean and wipe the probes.4.measurement of moisture and pH must be viewed while the unit is in the soil,And, the tester must be kept in the soil for 10 minutes or more.
  • 10. Luster Leaf 1830 Rapitest

    Combination meter checks both sunlight and moisture.


  • Indicates how much light your plants are receiving
  • Includes watering needs for over 150 plants
  • Product specifically designed to be used only in soil
  • No batteries required
  • Conclusion

    We did good research to find out top 10 Best Plant Light Meters to buy in 2021. For more similar product reviews, check out below or visit here.