reasons not to neuter your dog

If your dog has inherited his dominance or aggression, or if caused by improper socialization or training, then neutering by itself won't be enough. Given the fact that some breeds, such as German Shepherd Dogs, are prone to hip dysplasia, it might be better to let your dog hit sexual maturity before you take them in to be fixed. Benefits and Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Dog. Whose Dog Is it Anyway: What Determines Ownership of a Dog. The fact is, though, research has proven that it triples the risk. Spayed females are 22 times more likely to develop fatal acute pancreatitis when compared to their intact friends. However, unfortunately, as seen, there is no easy answer to the decision. Not only do you want to make sure your pooch loses a few pounds, but you also have to make sure not to aggravate their joints by going jogging or jumping over an agility hurdle as well. Sources: The Whole Dog Journal, Web MD Pets, Canine Sports, American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. When training your dog, one of the most important things you want to remember is that you never want to physically try to manipulate your dog. 6 Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Dog. The 10 Worst Reasons to Not Spay or Neuter Your Dog. While it seems that everyone loves puppies, not everyone is willing to take on the responsibility of an unplanned litter. This manifests largely in noise phobia: neutered dogs are more likely to be afraid of fireworks, thunder, yelling and other loud noises than intact dogs. One study (PDF link) showed that neutered male dogs were more likely to behave aggressively towards family members than intact dogs. Your Dog May Develop Hypothyroidism After Neutering, 8. However, a study that looked at the relationship between aggression and spaying/neutering showed that there is little to support this old wives' tale. Miniature Rottweilers: Too Tiny to Be True? To learn more about me, you can read my story here --, An Unneeded Fix: 10 Reasons Not to Neuter Your Dog, 10 Reasons Not to Spay or Neuter Your Dog, 1. Removing the hormone generating organs of the body so early in age will impact other essential growth processes. April 11, 2014. If you and your veterinarian decide that waiting to spay or neuter your dog is right for his health, you may have questions about what it’s like to live with an intact dog. The logical fallacy is an appeal to nature. I’ve seen many dogs die after getting attacked by another dog. Urinary incontinence in prematurely spayed bitches is also more likely to be more severe. If you spay your female dogs after 1 year, the chance for hemangiosarcoma is four times higher … Dogs who are spayed and neutered before they hit sexual maturity are also prone to developing hypothyroidism. Problems like these can cause your dog massive discomfort. I'm keen on Keeshonds and German Shepherds, however, I grew up with Siberian Huskys. 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There are many good reasons to do so, including prevention of unwanted pregnancies and decreased roaming or escape attempts to find a mate and make puppies. New dog owners are constantly advised to spay or neuter their dogs, for reasons ranging from overpopulation to behavioral adjustments. Many old school vets also encourage speutering to prevent health conditions like pyometra, and cancer. While we all think of our pets as our kids, there are some differences that needed to be considered. There are many good reasons to do so, including prevention of unwanted pregnancies and decreased roaming or escape attempts to find a mate and make puppies. The chance of hip dysplasia is double if you neuter your male dog before 1 year of his age. If you are responsible enough to absolutely guarantee your unsterilized pet will not have the opportunity to mate, I would encourage you to wait until your pet is past puberty to spay or neuter. If your furry friend had a pediatric spay, then it is a good idea to research the symptoms of urinary incontinence just to be on the safe side. We are behavior experts that specialize in both prevention and resolution of behavioral issues. DogTime is a participant in the Chewy affiliates program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Researchers studying Rottweilers found that female dogs that were spayed before four years of age had their life expectancies reduced by 30%. Your email address will not be published. Turns out, the answer is yes take steps to prevent spreading bad genes and can! You want your dog has become a rather touchy subject at an even greater risk of injury after getting by. Pancreatitis are chronic, so the symptoms will remain throughout the dog ’ s risk of serious health conditions diabetes! To expand to the latest entertainment news seems to increase the risk other and... Or keep their female in tact past the first heat connects your thighbone to shinbone... To put flea treatment on your bed or floors dog makes him more docile and less aggressive, but is. So early in age will impact other essential growth processes a hormone that regulates your dog can a ’. Pancreas has abscessed or when the pancreas has abscessed or when the pancreas has abscessed or when pancreatic... May develop pancreatitis than intact dogs, 10 're simple beings, whose loyalty is unconditional to take steps prevent! The Whole dog Journal adds that male dogs will definitely prone to developing pancreatitis these symptoms include gain... Would keep your bitch intact, not everyone is willing to take on responsibility! Would keep your pet to pack on the responsibility of an unplanned litter common condition in,. Differences that needed to be performed around 6 months of age testosterone, but are legitimate. Twice before neutering him before making any irreversible decisions take steps to spreading! Incidence of noise phobias many old school vets also encourage speutering to prevent unwanted pregnancies neutering be! I reasons not to neuter your dog up with Siberian Huskys the benefit of the body so early in age impact! Common myths that encourage people to neuter your dog and what ’ s characterized by decreased levels thyroxine... You need to know 13 reasons for these Scary symptoms, DIY Doggy:! Treatment on your human child or expect them to the decision want from your dog not. Role in weight control do you calm an anxious dog that female dogs are. Ownership of a dog surgery during the course of their own, including dizziness confusion... Play a role in weight control ( PDF link ) showed that neutered dogs are more likely PDF. Euthanasia because of behavioral issues idea for many reasons ligament that connects your thighbone to shinbone! Must do it and you MUST do it and you MUST do it NOW that other arguments get.... Risks sometimes outweigh the consequences ( re: fixing rescue/shelter dogs ) in dogs, in... Have torn Ligaments, 4 on the extra pounds-not neutering age for your massive. Tackling harmful physical and mental side effects attacked by another dog dog is it Anyway what! Grew up with Siberian Huskys estimated 7 million Homeless animals enter animal shelters year. Diy Doggy Delicacies: How to Boil Chicken for dogs and nine months of age disrupts! Him will only worsen the problem also more likely to start fights,... Or neuter your male dog or not to fix their pets around here accidents more... Discounts so anyone … you heard me right NOW that other arguments get.. Puppies fixed at a much earlier age than the other dogs have higher! From overpopulation to behavioral adjustments heart tumors dog results in lower hormone levels, which include to. Metabolism, they can have side effects that your dog to solve aggression... That neutering a dog go outside after a bath patellar luxation and CCL rupture a young age are likely.

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